Legend in the Mist RPG

Created by Amít Moshe / Son of Oak Game Studio

A rustic fantasy tabletop RPG based on the acclaimed City of Mist. Spin a tale of journey and peril where choices transform gameplay.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Groundwork and Worldbuilding
about 1 month ago – Wed, Jun 12, 2024 at 06:14:21 AM

Hello there companions!

We continue our journey through the Dales and beyond. What has taken us on this adventure? Are we an old Wise One going to visit her friend in a nearby village and running into bandits? Or a child who must find the cure for their mother's sudden illness? Perhaps we're a Child of Twilight, looking for answers as to what foul forces are seeping into the Dales? Let's find out!

In today's Devlog update, I talk about the new proposed structures for the core and setting books and share some gorgeous worldbuilding art from Lead Artist Daniel Pinal.

Oldways practitioners are now few and far between, as the Dales slowly forget their pivotal past role

Tl;dr What has been done this month?

  • Teambuilding: We analyzed past projects and set up new work processes to improve our work and to also have a better creative experience for the team.
  • Book Design: We focused our vision for the book, its structure, how it will read, how it will teach you to play, and the different content blocks it will offer for players and MCs.
  • Initial foray into content: We started drafting some of the character creation content (tropes), MC guides (adapting to various fantasy genres), and game systems (magic system builder).
  • Worldbuilding: We've done a lot of worldbuilding with the art team - from currencies to buildings to life styles in different Dales - check out dozens of art sketches I share in the video above.

For transparency, while three out of four of the Dev team have now started working on Legend In The Mist components, yours truly (Amit) is still finalizing the last chapter of the last :Otherscape book. I hope to wrap this up soon and be fully dedicated to Legend In The Mist. Overall, we are already making good progress with the content I mentioned above. 

Dalespeople of Cedargate are the most martial, coping with frequent raids from the clans of the Craggen Highlands

The next update will come in July. We're hoping to release at least something small for you to feast on, perhaps the comic choose-your-own-adventure game primer or a chunk of the Hero chapter before the end of July. This also depends on how fast the graphic design vision will evolve.

Tell Us Your Thoughts

If you have any questions or feedback, please put them in the comments here, the comments on the Devlog video on YouTube, or share them on Discord and tag the Dev team. Also, what do you think about the art, worldbuilding elements, and proposed book structures we've shared in the Devlog? Let us know!

Until then, enjoy the summer trails!

-The Son of Oak team

Last Stretch Goal Unlocked + Our Plan For Community Updates
2 months ago – Tue, May 07, 2024 at 08:56:05 AM

Fine day to you, companions!

For a while the path takes us through sparse hillside woods with the soft sunlight filtering through the foliage like golden fingers. But as we emerge on the other side, we are struck by the view of Soddenmore, the wettest of all Dales, a miserable quagmire if there ever was one -- but famous for its rowdy taverns. Better put your boots on, if you packed them! 

Community Marketplace Dev Pack Unlocked!

As planned, last week we locked the pledge manager and Late Pledges. The vast majority (92%) of you are all set, but if you haven't yet filled out your survey, please do so to avoid delays in receiving your rewards.

In total, between this Kickstarter campaign and pledge manager, we raised a total of $963,466, unlocking the final $950K stretch goal of the Community Marketplace Dev Pack!

The Dev Pack will contain assorted templates, graphic elements, and art that can be used to create your own original Legend In The Mist content. You can use this to make beautiful creations for your own games, or share them via our community program on DriveThruRPG, whether for free or as a paid product (so you'll be able to make a few bucks from selling Legend In The Mist content!). This will be a part of or similar to the City of Mist Garage program, which has been a great success with lots of community-made content, and you can check the package we made for the Garage to get a clue of what's coming thanks to this unlocked stretch goal.

Development Ramping Up Later This Month

The dev team is still in the process of wrapping up our previous projects, most notably :Otherscape, and this process should be concluded within the next two weeks at most. Then, we will begin to dive deeper into the development plan for the Legend In The Mist game as a whole, as well as its core book and setting book, and begin to send updates on what that's going to look like.

Communicating With You Throughout The Process

Since you are our companions on this journey, we'd like to set the expectations for how we will be communicating with you throughout the coming year. Here are some of our thoughts - please let us know yours in the comments!

We want our communication with you to be:

  • Open and transparent
  • Interesting, engaging, and of value to you
  • Timely and reliable
  • Efficient, to avoid taking too much time away from development
  • Focused and not spammy. If you're the kind of backer who doesn't want to get progress reports and playtest material, let us know at [email protected].

We will be sharing with you:

  • Regular progress updates
  • Playtest materials, starting with core rules and expanding out
  • Game design insights and philosophy, a look into the game design process
  • Lore from the Hearts of Ravensdale setting
  • Beautiful art!

Where and when we will be sharing this?

  • Backer updates will be sent on a monthly basis, with a summary of all recent updates, or, on occasion, a dedicated update will be sent for special announcements.
  • Devlog videos will be shared periodically on our YouTube channel, on an as-needed basis when we have something interesting to share or discuss with you. We hope to release at least once devlog per month.
  • The Discord serverwill be used for smaller live updates (e.g., "We just shared this file with you!") on the newly added #litm-updates channel, with major announcements also shared with the entire Mist Engine community in #announcements. You can always ask us questions directly at #ama-questions, or give us feedback at #feedback

(Also, for any and all questions, you can always reach out to [email protected].)

For example, when a new Devlog video goes live, we will announce it on the Discord #litm-updates and later include it in the monthly backer update.

It's important to note that we will naturally have more content to share towards the end of development, around the end of 2024. The first several months of development are more sparse in updates and content, as we are building the core of the game and drafting content which isn't yet ready to be shared.

What do you think about this plan? Let us know in the comments.


That is all for now! Our next backer update will come out on June 4th, with more updates sprinkled through the Discord.

Until then, tread carefully on the trail!

-The Son of Oak team

Orders Locking & Charging April 30th + Campaign Stretch Goal Unlocked!
3 months ago – Mon, Apr 22, 2024 at 11:39:02 AM

The accursed Red Caps dared not set foot in the Dales for centuries. Until now.

Hello there companions,

As we've scaled the first hill beyond Ravenhome, we look back one more time at the peaceful village we left behind. When will we see it again, and who will we be when we return? The road snakes onwards through the shadowy woodland hillside, where new adventures await...

Wake of The Oldways Campaign Unlocked!!!

Between the Kickstarter campaign and the pledge manager, we've so far raised $936,288 (not counting shipping fees and taxes), which means our $900,000 stretch goal has been unlocked: the Hearts of Ravensdale Setting Book will now include six adventures tied together in a campaign that follows the remnants of the Oldways to uncover what is behind the dark forces invading the Dales. This will be titled Book I: Wake of the Oldways and will serve to launch your group into a greater campaign in this mysterious new world!

Next up at $950,000 is the Community Marketplace Dev Pack which will allow you to create and sell your own Legend In The Mist content on DriveThruRPG. It's so close -- but we have just one more week to get there!

Important Notice: Pledge Manager To Lock and Charge on April 30th

As we announced on our previous update, your completed BackerKit pledge manager surveys will be locked and your credit cards (if not using PayPal) will be charged on April 30th to pay for shipping, VAT, and add-ons not paid for on Kickstarter.

Hurry up and complete your survey to ensure we can deliver your game smoothly. If you lost your invite email, you can find your survey here: 

All backer-only digital files we'll be sharing during the development period will only be shared with backers who have completed their surveys. Similarly, if you ordered any City of Mist or :Otherscape items, we will be making their digital files available to you during the first week of May, but you must complete your survey first to receive them.

Last Chance for Late Pledges!

As of May 1st, Late Pledges will also conclude and we will stop tracking funds for the purpose of unlocking stretch goals, so this is our last chance to unlock the final $950,000 stretch goal, as explained above. 

Those still interested in pre-ordering the game will be able to do so at the same store on BackerKit, but some Kickstarter bundles and prices will no longer be available. There is still one week, however, so let your friends know it's their final chance to grab the incredibly-packed Ravenhome Set at $129! 

Development Updates Soon!

Our next update will be on May 7th, where we will share some more information about the development process and communications throughout. The plan currently coalescing is to release as much as possible of the core, playable, and play-testable content of the game as soon as possible, and then continue to flesh it out with core content (such as Challenges, magic systems, and solo mode tools) and setting content (information about the Dales, Creatures of Twilight, and adventures).


That's all for today! See you on the trail...

-The Son of Oak team


Pledge Manager, Late Pledge, Stretch Goals and more!
4 months ago – Mon, Apr 01, 2024 at 10:45:02 AM

Hello there companions, 

We have now officially left home and hearth to roam the Wanderlands! Thank you again for coming with us on this fantastically rustic journey...

Pledge Manager Coming Later This Week

The next landmark on our path is the BackerKit pledge manager. Sometime towards the end of this week, we will be inviting you by email to answer a survey on BackerKit. If you didn't get an invitation by Monday April 8th, please reach out to [email protected].

You will be able to use this survey to:

  1. Let us know how you want to be credited in the books
  2. Upgrade your pledge level
  3. Pick up additional add-ons: dice, cards, character packs, maps, extra copies, and more!
  4. Let us know your address, if you pledged for physical items. You will be able to change this address again when it's time to ship the game.
  5. Pay for shipping and any applicable taxes, such as VAT. 
    Your shipping fees will be calculated based on the total weight of your order and your shipping address. Note that you may see a high shipping fee before you enter your address, this should correct itself once an address has been entered.  
    As for VAT, some items, like books, incur reduced VAT in some countries, while dice and cards usually incur the full VAT rate. We will calculate your VAT item by item, so you only pay the necessary VAT.

The pledge manager will remain open until April 30th, 2024 at which point we will lock all orders and charge credit cards. Don't worry, we'll remind you again when it's time.

Late Pledges Also Opening

If you've been following the project but have not pledged yet, or if you have friends who missed the campaign and would like to join the journey, Late Pledges will also be opening next week on Monday April 8th. This is the last chance to get the Kickstarter bundles with all the digital and physical stretch goals included!

Stretch Goals - Continued!

All pledge upgrades, add-ons, and late pledges will contribute to unlocking more of the campaign stretch goals. Shipping fees and taxes, however, are not included in this amount. We will continue to report on the new stretch goals unlocked as we raise more funds on BackerKit. Currently, the next two goals are:

  • $900K Campaign: Book I: Wake of the Oldways: The setting book will include a sixth adventure, and all adventures will be united in a campaign taking place in and around the Dales, with the companions following the remnants of the Oldways to uncover what is behind the dark forces invading the Dales...
  • $950K Community Marketplace Dev Pack: An extensive support package, with graphic design templates and extra art, for community creators who want to publish content for Legend In The Mist RPG on our City of Mist "Garage" program. Share or sell your characters, theme kits, magic systems, lore, adventures, and more!

The Twilight Deck is Now an Add-On!

The $1M stertch goal is an exception to the above. Instead of waiting for this stretch goal to unlock, we decided to offer the Twilight Deck as an add-on (as some backers suggested). You can now grab the Twilight Deck when you answer the survey, and add this beautiful deck of forty (40) Challenge cards to your pledge. Each card has art, lore, and the Challenge profile of a different Creature of Twilight prowling the Dales' villages, forests, rivers, marshes, and hilltops!

What's Next?

We're already working on some art for the project, but most of the team will be using this month to wrap up our other projects. Sometime in early May, we will begin to share more about the structure of the Legend In the Mist and Hearts of Ravensdale books and the planned schedule for releasing content. This will be accompanied by periodic devlogs to share what we're working on.

That is all for today, keep an eye on your inbox towards the end of the week for the pledge manager survey, and watch the comments for any updates.

Time to take a break from the march and pick some berries!

-The Son of Oak team

THANK YOU! What a journey!!
4 months ago – Thu, Mar 07, 2024 at 07:02:08 PM


What a journey this has been!! We're immensely proud and are grateful beyond belief that you decided to join and support us on this incredible journey of a Kickstarter campaign - together we made Legend in the Mist become a reality!

Thanks to all you wonderful backers we didn't just fund this campaign, but were able to unlock many stretch goals far beyond what we thought we'd be able to reach:

  • Both the Core Book and the Setting Book have been expanded with extra content, such as a Survival and Bestiary sections, sample magic systems, new factions, and more adventures.
  • Legend in the Mist will support Solo and Duo modes, which could also be used for running a GMless game.
  • More accessories were unlocked and added to the Ravenshome and Collector pledge levels: River Pebble Dice, Scene Maps & Tokens, Theme Cards, and -- just in the nick of time -- the Action Grimoire booklet! Moreover, the Character Pack was doubled from 8 folios to 16.
  • Community support for Legend in the Mist was expanded to include Roll20 and Foundry VTT, in addition to the Enhanced Edition and content universe on Alchemy VTT. Plus, our very own Kevin will create a dedicated How-To-Play series for the game.
  • A 10-track Rustic Fantasy soundtrack will be created by Ian from Tabletop RPG Music to accompany gameplay.

What's Next?

Pledge Manager

If all goes according to plan, we will unlock the backer survey, AKA pledge manager, on BackerKit on the first week of April 2024. You'll be able to input your address and pay for shipping and any applicable taxes. You will also be able to upgrade your pledge and add any add-ons you might be interested in.

Stretch Goals Continued on Pledge Manager 

We are extending all remaining stretch goals to the pledge manager, with the exception of the Twilight Deck, which instead will be available as an add-on right off the bat! So if we raise another $50K on BackerKit, we'll unlock the Campaign stretch goal, and if we raise yet another $50K, we'll also unlock the Community Dev Pack stretch goal.

Fulfillment of Other Son of Oak Games

We will then fulfill any available add-ons from other Son of Oak games in digital format (April-May 2024), followed by physical format (June-July 2024). This includes all City of Mist and :Otherscape items you added to your pledges.


After wrapping up other projects within the next month or so, our writing team will begin working on both books of Legend in the Mist. Meanwhile, our production team will work on creating more art for the book together with lead artist Daniel Pinal, and start fleshing out all requirements for the accessories and other stretch goals.

We will send current updates as we go, and try to share as much as we can as early as we can, including previews, playtests, and dev updates. If you haven't done so yet, please join our Discord to connect with the Legend In The Mist community, take part in playtests, find fellow players, and more.


When the digital game is ready (currently estimated March 2025), we will share it with you and then go to print, followed by shipping your packages to you (currently estimated June 2025) with all their beautiful components.

Keep your ears to the ground - wonderful things are coming!!

Final Thanks

In addition to you, our backers and companions on this journey, we want to thank everyone who worked hard on this campaign in the incredible Son of Oak team -- what a fellowship to be a part of! -- as well as all of our collaborators and partners who helped bring this game to a greater audience.

The first part of the journey is at an end; we've finally reached the edge of the Dales. A greater world is now laid before us, and away we go, step after step on the dusty path.

It's so good to have you here with us on the trail!

-The Son of Oak team